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bwHPC courses include seminars and workshops on high-performance computing in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Our portfolio ranges from HPC introduction courses over (parallel) programming courses to advanced software courses. The events are offered in different formats, such as on-site, online, or self-paced blended learning.

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Level Class Title Start End Location Link
Advanced courseProgrammingFortran for Scientific Computing13.02.202317.02.2023Uni Stuttgart
Advanced courseSimulationIntroduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics20.02.202324.02.2023Uni Stuttgart
Advanced courseProgrammingModern C++ Software Design (Intermediate)07.03.202310.03.2023Uni Stuttgart
Advanced courseSimulationCFD with OpenFOAM®13.03.202317.03.2023Uni Stuttgart
Advanced courseToolsIterative Linear Solvers and Parallelization20.03.202324.03.2023Uni Stuttgart
Basic courseGeneralIntroductory Course 2023/03/29: HPC and Data Mngt. @KIT29.03.202329.03.2023KIT Karlsruhetba
Advanced courseGeneralIntermediate Course 2023/03/30: Advanced HPC and Data Mngt. topics @KIT30.03.202330.03.2023KIT Karlsruhetba