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Tiger Team: tt-cms

Virtual Research Environment CMS

On September 18th 2014, scientists from the field of elementary particle physics and members of the HPC competence center ENM in Freiburg got together to investigate the feasibility of providing virtual research environments on the forthcoming bwForCluster ENM in Freiburg. One of the identified use cases was the LHC project CMS researched by groups in Karlsruhe. The HPC competence center ENM in Freiburg, provided a preliminary cluster installation on older cluster hardware along with the virtualization framework OpenStack, thus providing a testbed for the envisioned solution. The scientists from Karlsruhe provided virtual machine images and an workflow manager to schedule jobs to the cluster. Initially, a static portion of the cluster was reserved for that purpose. In 2015, dynamic allocation of cluster resources was made possible. This required writing a custom plugin for cluster scheduler software and interfacing to the external workflow manager. Work was concluded with a workable solution presented in a workshop on August 17th 2015.

Members of the Tiger Team "Virtual Research Environment CMS": The Group of Prof. Günter Quast (Georg Fleig, Manuel Giffels, Thomas Hauth, Frank Polgart) from KIT; HPC Competence Center Freiburg.

Status: finished.