bwHPC offers general and science specific user support for high performance computing, data intensive computing and large scale scietific data management. Support is provided by bwHPC competence centers and HPC cluster and data facility operational teams. Rather than by particular university service desks, support is shared by all bwHPC participating universities, hence federated support.

Particularly, the science specific support is organised by the bwHPC competence centers. Their support covering research fields can be found here.

Support activities and measures include:

  • federated coordinating and conducting of teaching and training courses and workshops;

  • documentation via a Wiki including user guides, FAQs and best practice guides

  • aiding users' (code) migration activities (from former HPC or Desktop infrastructure to bwHPC infrastructure) as well as code parallelization activities, e.g. via tiger team projects

  • expanding bwHPC competence center's scientific orientation and integrating further scientific areas to the bwHPC infrastructure;

  • identifying and supporting users with the capability to ascend to higher HPC tiers;

  • providing a substantial scientific software portfolio; and

  • identifying and implementing optimization measures.