bwHPC Competence Centers

The members of the bwHPC consortium have established teams for the operation and the support of the HPC clusters, data facilities as well as access, monitoring and information services. Some of those teams have specific tasks as established in the current support project of bwHPC, aka bwHPC-S5. Others, such as the bwHPC competence centers, constitute the infrastructure for user support beyond particular project or short term fundings.

 Support Areas & Structure

The bwHPC-S5 project offers user support via HPC Competence Centers consisting of expert teams from across the universities of Baden-Württemberg. In these centers, the available state-wide expertise for user support in selected research areas is bundled and concentrated. Consequently, the advisory foundation for the diverse scientific peer groups is strengthened and enlarged. The Competence Centers for different research areas are complemented by a cross-sectoral team for user support across all research areas.

Inquiries or support concerning particular HPC topics please address to the corresponding bwHPC competence center:

Support units of ticket system

Topics covered by bwHPC Competence Center Contact address  Coordinator(s)
Structural and Systems Biology, Medical Science, Soft Matter, Computational Humanities, Mathematics and Computer Science email / bwForCluster Helix

Dr. Sabine Richling

(Univ. Heidelberg)

Global Systems Science email

Kilian Türk

(Univ. Stuttgart)

Computational Chemistry and Quantum Sciences email / bwForCluster JUSTUS

Christian Mosch

(Univ. Ulm)

Geosciences email / bwForCluster BinAC

Dr. Jens Krüger

(Univ. Tübingen)

Bio- and Medical Informatics, Pharmacie and Astrophysics astro emailbioinformatics email / bwForCluster BinAC

Dr. Jens Krüger

(Univ. Tübingen)

Neuroscience, Elementary Particle Physics, Micro Systems Engineering, and Materials Science email / bwForCluster NEMO

Bernd Wiebelt

(Univ. Freiburg)

Engineering email / bwUniCluster

Dr. Jordan Denev


Multidisciplinary HPC Support email / bwUniCluster  


  • aid new users to access Baden-Württemberg's HPC systems;
  • coordinate and conduct state-wide teaching courses and workshops covering know-how in dealing with Baden-Württemberg's HPC systems;
  • produce and maintain an extensive documentation;
  • provide a cluster independent, unified work environment and tools to simplify HPC cluster access and software usage;
  • provide tools to manage (e.g. process or archive) scientific data;
  • enable embedding of HPC innovations, and
  • aid user's code porting and code parallelization activities supporting user's capability to utilize higher HPC tiers.