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Tiger Team: tt-netcdf

Fortran program usage of netcdf-routines @bwUniCluster

In the context of a forest research project at the Albert-Ludwig-Universität Freiburg the portation a fortran based boxmodel code for atmospheric chemistry was anticipated, which was originally developed at the MPI for Chemistry in Mainz and developed further at the IASS in Potsdam. The challenge was to get the netcdf routines used earlier to write and store simulation results in files. The lib/netcdf/4.4.2 fortran-openmpi-1.8-intel-13.1 was used and a suitable boxmodel was provided. The netcdf libraries are loaded through the Makefile and applied in a) "mo netcdf.f90" and b) "messy mecca1 box.f90". Actually the nf90 functions failed for opening, writing and closing the nc-files. Commenting out these parts result in a smoothly progressing of the model, including them lead to failure. A thorough analysis of the code dependencies and recompilation on the bwUniCluster led to a fully functional application.

Mitglieder des Tiger-Teams: High Performance and Cloud Computing Group, IT Center, Universität Tübingen; HPC Competence Center ENM (Freiburg)

Status: abgeschlossen.