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Tiger Team: tt-galaxy

Virtual Galaxy

This Tiger Team investigated the feasibility of using the bwForCluster NEMO as a computation backend for tasks which are submitted by users from the Bioinformatics community from an existing Galaxy portal. The computation tasks needed access to an external data repository and they had to run in user-customizable virtualized software environments (VMs). Tasks were encapsulated in Docker containers which ran inside of the VM. The bwForCluster NEMO was chosen since at the time there were already two workgroups with similar requirements from the field of Elementary Particle Physics working with NEMO and the bwHPC ENM competence center. The BinA competence center in Tübingen was involved in this Tiger Team, given the interest in establishing a similar solution for the bwForCluster BinAC as well. A proof of concept was established, but it was concluded that containers (Docker, Singularity) would be more flexible to satisfy these workloads. This was investigated in a followup Tiger Team.

Members of the Tiger Team: Bioinformatics Group Freiburg (Rolf Backofen, Björn Grüning, Stefan Jankowski, Clemens Blank), Institute of Experimental Particle Physics (Günter Quast, Thomas Hauth, Frank Fischer), HPC Competence Center BinA (Tübingen), HPC Competence Center ENM (Freiburg)

Status: finished.