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Tiger Team: tt-atlas

Feasibility Study: Virtual Research Environment ATLAS

After the encouraging experience with the Tiger Team "Virtual Research Environment CMS", a corresponding Tiger Team was established to investigate the feasibility of providing a virtual research environment for users analyzing data of the ATLAS experiment at the LHC. The ATLAS group in Freiburg had not yet investigated the possibility of running their research environment in a virtual machine setup. In a first step, the research environment running on a single machine (cluster compute node) had to be migrated to the OpenStack framework used in the preliminary bwForCluster ENM setup in Freiburg. Second, a static number of bwForCluster nodes was used to start virtual machines, announcing them to the local ATLAS project servers. After that, the virtual machines accepted jobs from local ATLAS users and successfully completed them. As an additional stress test, the WLHC testing framework HammerCloud was used (see report). This concluded the feasibility study. In a follow-up Tiger Team, the dynamic allocation of cluster nodes will be investigated.

Members of the Tiger Team "Virtual Research Environment ATLAS": The Group of Prof. Markus Schumacher (Anton Gamel, Michael Böhler) from Freiburg; HPC Competence Center Freiburg.

Status: finished.