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The following enumeration provides an overview of collaborations between members of the bwHPC-S5 team and scientists, i.e. tiger teams. To apply for support by a tiger team, click

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Tiger Team: tt-anatomy

Bio-medical large scale computing

So far the working group Functional Neuroanatomy had used only local compute resources for the analysis of microscope data. This Tiger-Team was established to port compute-intensive applications to the bwForCluster MLS&WISO. The work required the analysis of the application software to identify suitable node types as well as the creation and adaption of job scripts which was done in collaboration with the responsible scientist of the group. The data management required special attention, because data sets produced by the microscope tend to be quite large. Advise on how to transfer data to the cluster and on how to use data on the cluster efficiently was given.

Members of the Tiger-Team: Institute for Anatomy and Cell Biology, Heidelberg University; HPC Competence Center MLS&WISO, Heidelberg University

Status: finished.