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Tiger Team: tt-plant-invader

Rapid evolution of a plant invader in response to biological control herbivory and climate change

Invasive alien plants together with their natural enemies from the native range used as biocontrol agents are ideal study system to address questions of whether and how fast organisms adapt to changing environments. The main objective of this study is to get insights into the evolvability to biological control insects and climate change of one of the most prominent European plant invaders, common ragweed Ambrosia artemisiifolia. In an on-going field experimental evolutionary study in Northern Italy, using artificial populations of A. artemisiifolia exposed to the leaf beetle Ophraella communa under two climate conditions. analyse pooled samples from each of the experimental populations over four generations (years) (a) for their genetic composition using next-generation sequencing (pool-seq) (b) for metabolomic profiles and (c) in various bio-assays. Tools needed for this analysis were installed on BinAC, whereas some of them are provided by Singularity containers. For example the tool atlas is still in development, so new features and fixes are integrated regularly. In this case a conventional environment module makes no sense, as the module has to build several times. We created a Singularity recipe for such tools and the researcher can build a new container from the new sources without trouble.

Members of the Tiger-Team: Oliver Boßdorf, Plant Evolutionary Ecology Group, University of Tübingen; Jens Krüger, Felix Bartusch, HPC Competence Center BinA

Status: finished.