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The following enumeration provides an overview of collaborations between members of the bwHPC-S5 team and scientists, i.e. tiger teams. To apply for support by a tiger team, click

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Tiger Team: tt-planet-dynamics

Dynamics of Planets embedded in Accretion disks

Within this project we perform multi-dimensional hydrodynamical simulations of disks with embedded planets. The jobs use self-compiled executables. It was observed, that the runtime of jobs differ massively. The Tiger Team's goal was to find the cause of this problem and fix it. Therefore benchmarks were executed and we observed, that runtime differences are caused by placing OpenMP processes on different NUMA nodes. When defining the job's resources, one can enforce TORQUE to use cores that are part of the same NUMA node. This solved the problem and subsequent benchmarks showed, that this removed the runtime variances, as all OpenMP processes run now on the same NUMA node.

Members of the Tiger-Team: Wilhelm Kley, Institut für Astronomie & Astrophysik, Universität Tübingen; Jens Krüger, Volker Lutz, HPC-Kompentenzzentrum BinA

Status: finished.