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The following enumeration provides an overview of collaborations between members of the bwHPC-S5 team and scientists, i.e. tiger teams. To apply for support by a tiger team, click

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Tiger Team: tt-atlas-cvmfs

Deployment of CVMFS on NEMO for benchmarking purposes and future usage in Singularity Containers

Due to the complexity of the ATLAS software stack, it cannot be deployed bare metal on NEMO. Furthermore, the base software environment is still based on Scientific Linux 6, which would lead to incompatibilites with the CENTOS7 installation on NEMO. However, the ATLAS project is transitioning to CENTOS7 and provides Singularity containers in development quality. CVMFS as a transparent filesystem proxy to the large ATLAS software is the only requirement that could not be fullfilled from within the container and was thus deployed as a service running bare metal on the cluster nodes.

Members of the Tiger-Team: Felix Bührer, Anton Gamel, Benoît Roland, Benjamin Rottler, Ulrike Schnoor, Markus Schumacher, HPC Competence Center ENM

Status: finished.