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Tiger Team: tt-visu2

Remote Visualization of Simulations in Microsystems Engineering

The Tiger Team explores the feasibility of using Singularity Containers to use the hardware rendering capabilities of GPU extenders for remote visualization. The challenge is to leave the research environment configurable by the user - thus the use of Singularity - while still offering the underlying hardware rendering capabilities of the GPU. This would be simple if the user has root access to run a specialized X-Server. While this is possible on an individual workstation, root access cannot be granted for users on NEMO. Therefore, the setup becomes more complex. A proof-of-concept exists and was established in the previous Tiger Team. However, this needs to be refined and simplified to offer it outside the workgroup.

As an alternative, use of the bwCloud will be investigated. Since the network connection between bwCloud and NEMO is >40Gbit/s this should be well suited for this case.

Members of the Tiger-Team: Lars Pastewka (IMTEK), Sascha Frank (IMTEK), Johannes Hörmann (IMTEK), Oleg Zharkov (ViCE), HPC Competence Center ENM

Status: finished.