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Tiger Team: tt-fireworks-s3

Management of Workflows and Research Data with Fireworks using an Object Store

Based upon a MongoDB [1] database instance realized on the RZ's EMC Isilon storage, integrated FireWorks [2] workflow management and GridFS [3] object storage have been implemented on the testing scale. Object metadata is specified via JSON- and YAML-formatted text files or their Python equivalent of nested dictionaries and lists. Object queries are formulated equivalently. The Tiger Team will further investigate whether GridFS Storage can be substituted by S3 Storage.

[1] https://www.mongodb.com/
[2] https://materialsproject.github.io/fireworks
[3] https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/core/gridfs

Members of the Tiger-Team: Johannes Hörmann, Lars Pastewka, HPC Competence Center ENM

Status: finished.