10th bwHPC Symposium

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The 10th bwHPC symposium will be held on September 25/26 in Freiburg. Its focus is on scientific projects carried out with the help of high performance computing resources supplied within the framework of the bwHPC initiative of the state of Baden-Württemberg. The symposium is free of charge and open to researchers from all scientific fields. Participation from outside Baden-Württemberg is explicitly encouraged.

The bwHPC symposium focuses on the presentation of scientific computing projects as well as on the progress and the success stories of the bwHPC initiative. The event offers a unique opportunity to engage in an active dialog between scientists using high performance compute resources, operators of bwHPC sites, and the bwHPC-S5 support centers.

Date: 25.09.2024 at 07:55 until 26.09.2024 at 15:30